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"In 1967, in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, a group of hunters captured a strange creature. A boy, raised by wolves. As a scientist at the University he was brought to, I guided him on his immense journey from savagery to civilization. Who was this boy? How was he lost? Who were his parents?…are mysteries still unsolved. The day came when the boy had to find the answers for himself. His name was LUCAN…

"The authorities, afraid Lucan might revert to wolf, tried to hold him under lock and key. But Lucan escaped and the University obtained a court order for his return. A bounty hunter was hired to track him down."

"Hunters found him in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, a boy raised from infancy by wolves. They captured him and brought him to the University where I was conducting research on human behavior. Growing into young manhood he was haunted by the mystery. Who was he? How had he been lost? Who were his parents? I named him 'Lucan.' Working at the University one night he came upon two men stealing drugs. They attacked him, chemicals exploded, one of the men died. The other escaped. Lucan was unjustly accused and held for the man's death. He fled. A police officer relentlessly follows his trail. But Lucan will never stop trying to find his parents. Or to win his right to be free."

A bit Lucan inspired? – A Werewolf Boy takes Korea and America by storm.

Young and handsome boy raised by wolves – check. Feral strength and wolf traits - check. Eyes that glow orange when angered – check. It looks like some Korean filmmakers found the old Lucan prints and were so impressed that they made this film! "A Werewolf Boy" is an English subtitled fantasy/adventure, teen romance that was released on December 7th in U.S. theaters. The film takes itself and the plot seriously and is not necessarily a Korean 'Twilight' clone as many U.S. critics state.  It's absolutely gorgeous, a real mixed bag of genres that is equal parts Beauty and the Beast, Frankenstein, and Edward Scissorhands. It is filled with twists and turns, and above all, an ethereal, menacing, and at times very funny performance by popular Korean actor Song Joong Ki as the feral boy, Cheul Soo. Park Bo Young is a gorgeous standout as Suni, the object of Cheul Soo's loyal affection.

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Synopsis from Apple ITunes Movie Trailers:

Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits the country cottage she lived in as a child. Memories of a boy she knew 60 years ago come flooding back to her. Then young Suni and her family moved to a small village in Korea. There, they encounter a bedraggled orphan boy hiding under a bush and take him in out of pity. Called a "wolf boy" by some for his feral behavior and uncommon strength, Suni teaches the boy how to eat at a table, and read and write so that he might one day live among people. He repays her kindness with a devotion unequalled by any human being, a love that exceeds all normal expectations. Then one day a threat to Suni exposes the boy's deadly bestial instincts, and in an instant he becomes the subject of the villagers' fears. In order to save the boy's life, Suni must abandon him while promising, "Wait for me. I'll come back for you."

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