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It's been a cool run here, but this website will be going offline soon, as WEBS no longer meets my needs. Lucan is being re-designed on Wordpress with an official URL,  along with new information, quotes, articles, and images now that I have all the episodes on DVD and devoted more time to research.

Please bookmark the new site at lucantheseries.com


"In 1967, in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, a group of hunters captured a strange creature. A boy, raised by wolves. As a scientist at the University he was brought to, I guided him on his immense journey from savagery to civilization. Who was this boy? How was he lost? Who were his parents?…are mysteries still unsolved. The day came when the boy had to find the answers for himself. His name was LUCAN…"

"The authorities, afraid Lucan might revert to wolf, tried to hold him under lock and key. But Lucan escaped and the University obtained a court order for his return. A bounty hunter was hired to track him down."

"Hunters found him in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, a boy raised from infancy by wolves. They captured him and brought him to the University where I was conducting research on human behavior. Growing into young manhood he was haunted by the mystery. Who was he? How had he been lost? Who were his parents? I named him Lucan."

"Working at the University one night he came upon two men stealing drugs. They attacked him, chemicals exploded, one of the men died. The other escaped. Lucan was unjustly accused and held for the man's death. He fled. A police officer relentlessly follows his trail. But Lucan will never stop trying to find his parents. Or to win his right to be free."

The wait is over! Fans can HOWL with joy!

In April, 2018, the WB Shop released "Lucan" as a MOD – Made on Demand – DVD Set!

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Click the logo to below to listen to Forgotten TV's excellent "Lucan" Podcast. It has plenty of audio scenes from the Pilot movie, episode synopsis, and other episodes and commercials that were popular during the time. 

I'm on a wolf-hunt! If you have any images or more information about the Lucan TV series to share, please don't hesitate to contact me here. I'd love to build up this website and post them! 

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